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  1. Daniel

    Nike, Adidas, Vans Shoes Cardable Site 2024

    Site: IP USA the public ccs sometimes do not work but they do work sometimes, for better results cc priv guys!
  2. Daniel

    The Kovrovsky court convicted two hackers for stealing 16 million rubles

    They created fake accounting websites to steal money. The Kovrov City Court sentenced two men from Moscow and Novosibirsk who were members of an organized criminal group involved in the creation and distribution of malicious computer programs. With their help, they stole over 16 million rubles...
  3. Daniel

    FBI: hackers are ready to rob casinos

    The agency warned of a high risk of cyber attacks on the gambling business. The FBI is warning of the threat of cyberattacks using ransomware targeting casino servers. Criminals use legitimate systems management tools to increase their online privileges...
  4. Daniel

    Cyber spies from New Delhi: how an Indian IT firm hacked the world

    A massive cyber espionage operation that affected political leaders, businessmen, and even the small Shinnecock Tribe of Long Island. At the center of an international scandal is the Indian IT company Appin, which is engaged in cyber espionage at the industrial level. The company, which started...
  5. Daniel

    Fraudsters steal money from travelers through

    But the systems of the service itself remain intact. According to the latest report from cybersecurity company Panda Security, customers of the famous online booking service are increasingly facing attacks from scammers. Criminals have developed a sophisticated scheme aimed at...
  6. Daniel

    Hive traces led to Cyprus: 570,000 euros seized from a former member of the group

    The Paris arrest put an end to the history of one of the largest extortion operations. This week, French police detained a 40-year-old man in Paris suspected of laundering money from the Hive ransomware group. During a search of the detainee's house, located in Cyprus, the police seized...
  7. Daniel

    CIA programmer sentenced to 40 years in prison for revealing WikiLeaks secrets

    Insider information revealed extensive US espionage activities. A former CIA software engineer was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the largest theft of classified information in the agency's history and for possessing images and videos of child sexual abuse. The bulk of 35-year-old Joshua...
  8. Daniel

    Blazing Dork

    Download Here
  9. Daniel

    HQ Dorks Generator By CRYP70

    Download Link : Click to Download
  10. Daniel

    New Dropper Apps on Play Store Targeting Banking and Crypto Wallets

    Altogether, 5 dropper applications with north of 130,000 downloads through Play Store circulated financial trojans like Vultur and SharkBot. Danger Texture versatile security firm detailed finding another rush of dropper applications has stirred things up around town Google stage Play Store...
  11. Daniel

    Android TV Box Sold on Amazon Contain Malware by Android

    he impacted gadget was a T95 Android television box that accompanied refined, diligent, and pre-introduced malware implanted in its firmware. A Canadian foundation and security frameworks specialist, Daniel Milisic, found malware on an Android television Box (Android-10-based television enclose...
  12. Daniel

    GodFather” Hits Banks, Crypto Wallets Apps as Android Trojan Emerges by Android

    Specialists accept that Guardian could be a replacement of another financial trojan called Anubis, which had its source code spilled in January 2019 on an underground hacking gathering. Guardian is another Android banking trojan that is at present focusing on clueless clients of north of 400...
  13. Daniel

    Authorities Take Down SMS-based FluBot Android Spyware

    The takedown came about because of a worldwide policing including eleven nations, headed by Europol's European Cybercrime Place. The European Cybercrime Place/EC3 of Europol and policing from eleven nations sent off a joint activity to bring down FluBot spyware. The examination included...
  14. Daniel

    Hackers can hijack Samsung and Pixel phones by knowing phone number by Android

    The online protection analysts at Google recognized eighteen zero-day weaknesses, four of which permitted Programmers to remotely think twice about gadgets utilizing only the casualty's telephone number. Google Pixel and Samsung telephone proprietors ought to be careful, as Google's bug-hunting...
  15. Daniel

    Android-Based Digital Signage: Key Features and Benefits by Android

    In this article, we'll investigate the critical highlights and advantages of Android-based advanced signage and how you can exploit them. Today, computerized signage is an amazingly useful asset for organizations. It can assist with expanding your customers base and deals. The extraordinary...
  16. Daniel

    Scylla Ad Fraud Attack on iOS and Android Users Halted by Apple and Google

    The Satori Danger Knowledge and Exploration Group at Human distinguished another rush of cyberattacks including the utilization of vindictive applications against iOS and Android clients. The disturbing truth is that these tainted applications gloat a huge number of downloads. Fortunately the...
  17. Daniel

    Fresh Cardable Sites List From Daniel

    Shop Vintage Outfits // Vintage Style Clothing // ModCloth™ At ModCloth we reimagine women's clothing with unique styles & original prints. Discover our unique vintage outfits that empower fashion of women. Shop today...
  18. Daniel

    Experts concerned over emergence of new Android banking trojan S.O.V.A.

    Scientists have recognized another Android banking trojan called S.O.V.A. being publicized on a Russian programmer and cybercrime gathering. Toward the beginning of August 2021, ThreatFabric's group of scientists found another Android banking trojan named S.O.V.A. by its makers. Analysts wrote...
  19. Daniel

    Android sends more data to Google than iOS to Apple

    Research uncovers frightening new discoveries on Android information assortment and how it sends 2-times a larger number of information to research than iOS to Apple - Google has dismissed the review. It's undeniably true's that the two iOS and Android gadgets send handset information to Apple...
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