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Jun 13, 2020
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Nevertheless, you need a deeper understanding how eBay can weed out bad actors compared to good ones, and disguise yourself as a good actor in order to successfully card them for larger amounts for a longer time, like we have done. First of all, they are fully capable of cross-referencing your Device History, IP History, User History and Payment History, which means if the IP you are using have been engaged in bad practices before, your order won't go through. Likewise your Device or Drop Information have been engaged in bad practices in the past, your purchase will be declined. Even if the CC that you are using have been used by the real owner, with their own information, they will be able to link that with what you are trying to do. So the best practice is to find as new cards as possible to lower that possibility.

However, we are releasing the EU method first, and the US method after this one, as they take a considerate amount of time to write and compile.

Stage 1 - The Basics - What You Need

  1. An Anti-Fingerprinting Browser such as Anti-Detect, FraudFox or similar. We personally recommend Anti-Detect.
  2. An Identity-Config to said Anti-Fingerprinting Browser matching the EU Country you are trying to Card to, fresher the better. You can get them on Anti-Detect's Official Config Website
  3. A Clean Residential or Dedicated IP Socks 5 matching the EU Country you are trying to card to, avoid VPNs, Public Socks or Low Quality Socks5. We personally recommend LuxSocks but Dichvusocks or Vip72 will do.
  4. A Good Private CC, with a BIN matching the EU Country you are trying to Card to, with as new expiration date as possible - for example expiry in 2024 or 2025, for lowering the risk that said Card has already been used on eBay or PayPal before.
  5. A Clean Email, preferable a private domain, that you can get on GoDaddy or similar. So the result for drop John Doe, becomes [email protected]
  6. A Clean Drop, preferable a drop whose name & address combination haven't been used on eBay before to avoid blacklists.
  7. Now You Are Ready To Go To The Next Stage!
Stage 2 - The Startup Procedure - How To Prepare

  1. First you purchase an Identity-Config that is suitable for your needs, and download said config to your Anti-Detect folder. Then you start the Anti-Detect software, and choose that configuration to run. Turn on GPS coordinates, WebRTC settings, but you don't need to enter anything in those fields yet. Then select time-zone and language so it's matching the EU Country you are trying to card to. For example, if the target country is Germany, then select German as language and Berlin as Time-Zone and click "Set Time-Zone". Once that's done you click on the play-button in the upper-left corner.
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