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Jun 21, 2020
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This is a very small utility. It has only one function - removing EXIF. Accordingly, it will not slow down, like a monstrous Photoshop) The program interface looks like this: In the “Start Folder” menu, specify the folder in which the original photos are located (those from which you want to delete exif). If you tick “Include subfolders”, then all photos in folders inside the selected folder will also be processed. All checkboxes “Strip EXIF tags”, ”Strip COM text”, ”Strip IPTC info” must be checked. We talked about EXIF and IPTC at the beginning of the article, but what “Strip COM text” is, I myself do not know.

Click image for larger version Name: -Meta-Stripper_thumbb8ce1623-b05a-48d3-a335-2ffdb47aa18d.jpg Views: 29 Size: 50.0 KB ID: 548

In “Save to new folder” select the folder where the processed photos will be saved. If you check the “Copy unchanged files to target folder” checkbox, the original photos will also be copied to this folder. It is better not to mark it to avoid confusion.

You can check the box “Save using filename prefix”. From the drop-down list, select what will appear in the file name in the changed files. This may be necessary if you have both originals and processed files in the same folder to distinguish between them.

The program has a very simple interface, does not require installation, works very quickly and does a good job with its function - therefore, I recommend.
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