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Jun 13, 2020
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This guide is for PayPal ripping why ripping because idk just a good name lol this my guide and might be other out there but this is what i used and been doing it for years he he.

1. First get a PayPal acc and make the account in Canada must make sure the country is set to Canada because if not it will not work

2. For City put Alma. For Province put Quebec. For postal code G8B 1B1. Enter any 10 digit number as phone number. 6) SKIP adding bank account and credit card. Finish the signup process..... Move on to the next step 3

3. Go to and sign up for a debit card you can put in fake info but just make sure it’s an address and its real or else it will say zip code don’t match and when u are done they will give you a bank account/routing number to your Canada PayPal but when add just choose US BANK ACCOUNT ... Move on the next step 4

4. Get someone to send you money to the PayPal account you just made or use your real one and send it to the account you just made and then go to why Wal-Mart will because they do ground shipping so drop off you pick up and i use my real address because if you do get caught what proof do they have aren’t like you had your name on the package and isn’t like he gave it to you remember ground shipping just leave at your door

5. Once you do check out & your order is processing PayPal might try to dispute the payment but remember this is Wal-Mart they can't just go into Wal-Mart account and take it out their self... like they can with a p2p account (PayPal to PayPal account) and if you do use your real account you can dispute and get your money back and have the good's all you have to do is on the fake Canada PayPal don't reply to the dispute and it goes back to the real account in 2 weeks

You can use other online big stores but i don't know if all is going to work only one's i used was Wal-Mart and Zara
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