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Jun 21, 2020
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Hello everyone, I found it on a friendly forum, installed it, tested it on my old and new cc - it seems to work.

According to the idea of \ u200b \ u200bthe grandma from the card will be written off only after 30 days

1. Download the checker and unpack it into a folder

2. Download the list of ss in this format: cc exp cvv (separated by a space)

For example:
4621201250026437 1219 116
4217658602045979 0911 529

Or with full info
For example:
4621201250026437 1219 116 Jasmine Bucy 5935 west state road 46 Poland IN 47868
4217658602045979 0911 529 Darrel Lawsom 122 greyson st martinsville VA 2411

We write socks in this format

For example:

Possible errors when working with socks:
10091 - download and unpack the dll again (2 point) - (in principle, I have already unpacked everything in the folder, it should work right away)
10060 - dead sox (timeout)
10061 - the port on the sox has
changed 10054 - sox4 loaded instead of sox5

If all the time error 10091 crashes - this most likely indicates that the checker traffic is being locked (if there is a proxy, disable it, if there is an anti-virus or firewall, disable them or add the checker to the exceptions - white list).

How I checked:
1. Uploaded ss with a list to a text file (10 pcs.) As in the sample with full info
2. I uploaded live soks
to the text file 3. Specified the paths to the text files and pressed Check
4. It checked something there itself -wrote, at the end it is ready!
5. We go to the shared folder, there are generated 2 text files, one with dead (Declined) and the second with live (Valid) CC.

I made the finished assembly together with the drivers - download it.
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