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Jun 21, 2020
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Choose a version, click on the button, follow the instructions.

Win XP VMware
Download and install VMware v10
Download the assembly, unzip it.
In VMware, press Ctrl + O, or File-> Open, open the assembly MrGood

Win 7 VMware
Download and install VMware v10
Download the assembly, unzip it.
In VMware, press Ctrl + O, or File-> Open, open the assembly MrBright

Win 7 VBox
Download and install VirtualBox
Download the assembly, unzip it.
In VirtualBox, open the assembly MrGenerous.

In development:

Win XP VBox
Download and install VirtualBox
Download the assembly, unzip it.
Opening the assembly in VirtualBox

RU Win XP VMware
Downloading and installing VMware v10
Downloading the assembly, unzip it.
In VMware, press Ctrl + O, or File-> Open, open the assembly.

Frequently asked questions:

How do you avoid customizing the system for yourself every time?
Configure the virtual machine for yourself so that you can drive in immediately. Turn it off and don't touch it again. For driving, make a clone of it and drive from it.

The Ghostery start page opens every time the browser starts, why?
You need to go through a greeting to configure what the plugin will block and what only warn about. Again, set up once for each browser in the source virtual machine, depending on your needs.

Why doesn't R-Wipe & Clean work?
In the first two assemblies it will not crack, so you need to download this and follow the instructions:
Copy and replace "RWipe.dll" to the folder with the installed program and use the key for registration.
Dq1BjSxR4VfZy7AteJRBAAwVAH / Q1wBxkwudAOiw582LJ60lEb1U3pceBByKMRhW2RoAwhJNH / k + FE + 53yJuf / kCCG49kjrkDqJn4UhzByzwudAOiw
. It will be fixed with the next update.

What's in the assembly:
- Many browsers for any, even the most sophisticated taste. Most likely, such a number may even seem excessive, but it does not significantly affect the size of the system. And it's always convenient to have an extra browser at hand. If your eyes are annoying, just remove the icons
you do n't use .
- No software at startup
- A small list of useful links
- Google DNS
- Reduced the number of unnecessary animations

SRWare Iron - a browser based on Chrome for safe and anonymous work. Comparison of Iron and regular Chrome
Iron Incognito - the same browser in anonymous mode --incognito (cookies are saved only for the current session and are cleaned upon restart)
Firefox classic + home + hybryd + safe - portable assembly with four modes:
Classic mode gives the user the opportunity to work with the regular version of the browser.
Home mode will save you from pop-up banners and teasers that prevent the page from loading quickly. abp and ghostery
Hybrid mode, optimized for flying away surfing the internet. abp and ghostery
Safe mode, provides maximum user security. All traces of work in the browser are removed after abp and ghostery are closed.
Mozilla Firefox - regular freshly installed, abp and ghostery
Google Chrome - regular freshly installed, abp and ghostery
Opera - regular freshly installed, no changes
Safari - regular freshly installed, no changes
Tor Browser Bundle - Anonymous virtual tunnel network providing encrypted data transfer plus latest version Firefox browser. In the installers folder there is an older version of the installation file, in which vidalia is separate.
Andy Browser - Iron + Tor. Version 2.1, on the old version of Tor.

PC Cleaner:
CCleaner + Enhancer is a familiar and favorite program for cleaning cookies / caches and other garbage, as well as solving registry problems.
R-Wipe & Clean - removes leftover information about 600+ applications, including Microsoft Office 2007 and Skype.
CCtools 7 - allows you to change the IDs of the computer, host, S / N browser and windows, processor name and much more.
Extended list of processors.
STZBlaster is an analogue of CCTools. Located in the installers folder.

Disguise and security:
Proxifier is a must have for Bitvise anonymity
- client for SSH tunnels. More details
Plinker is an alternative to Bitvise. Much worse, but just in case there is in the Installers folder, suddenly you need
OpenVPN - a free open source implementation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology for creating encrypted point-to-point or server-client channels between computers.
OpenVPN Protector - protects against sudden disconnection of VPN connection so as not to expose your real IP. For an amateur, I myself am not one of those (there is enough proxy).


Mozilla Thunderbird

Vbivotron 2014 v1.2
- converts information from the clipboard into manual input, simulating the actions of a live user.
Foxit Reader is a free pfd reader
Notepad ++ is a free open source text editor. Supports opening over 100 formats. You can call it from the context menu of the

PS file Who on Win 7 VMware will not connect VPN with the error "There are no TAP-Windows adapters on this system" download and install it http: // ... ws-9.9.2_3.exe
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