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  1. Anonymous

    Fully Configured & Ready to Run Virtual Machine - VMware 10 | Fully Configured & Ready to Run Virtual Machine - VMware 10

    And so, for those who are too lazy to set up a virtual machine, or simply cannot do it for some reason, I post my fully configured virtual machine for work, it has everything that is needed for our not easy profession. 1. Download from the official site VMware 10...
  2. Anonymous

    CCtools 7.5 full private

    I dug out today in the image of Windows from byte.catcher privatka. The old stuff is already of course, but it may be useful to someone, tk. this is a working full with all the additions. All functions work in principle, it starts on 7 x64, processors are only ancient in the core 2 duo e6400...
  3. Anonymous


    An excellent program for punching bins, zips, phone numbers. No installation required. This program will help you get more information about the bank that issued the credit card. To do this, go to the "Bins" tab. Enter the credit card number in the "CC num" field, click "Search" and get the...


    I do Western Union Transfer,Bank logins,Bank Transfer,paypal,CashApp Transfer and shipping Worldwide,i deal with all sorts of cards. Cloned Card,Dumps with Pin,Dumps,Fullz Etc. I can ship to your address safely ,i deal with items like Iphones,Imac,Macbook pro,Samsung Galaxy Different models I'm...
  5. Anonymous

    How to build and establish credit: The full breakdown

    At a glance: What you need to build credit for the first time How to apply for your first credit card Tips for building your credit score Getting a personal loan if you have no credit history Summary of establishing credit Establishing credit can seem like a catch-22: If you don't already...
  6. Anonymous

    How to find cardholder’s DOB in different countries

    There is not a single service that could give information around world. BUT WHAT TO DO WHEN WE NEED TO LEARN DOB AND OTHER INFORMATION NOT FROM USA AND UK? We’ll get everything by ourselves. I must say that this method of obtaining information is not 100% and doesn’t even always exceed 50%. But...
  7. Anonymous

    CashApp Carding Method

    I have discovered a working method and bin for CashApp (squar cash) in 2019. If you have been trying it and it’s not working out, maybe you are missing something or using the wrong bin. Today, I will educate you on the latest cashapp method and tutorial. I will give a complete list of all the...
  8. Anonymous

    How to bypass Gmail Security Checks

    First thing needed to bypass the gmail security is a background check use one that allow email lookup ie : steps* search the email on or on advance background check to know the state and country of the email owner. once you get the state and country use sock of that...
  9. Anonymous

    Basic Carding Terms every noob should know

    Socks Socks 5 SOCKet Secure (socks) is an Internet protocol that routes network packets between a client and server through a proxy server. So using this you can hide your IP and to mach our location same with Credit Card holder Location to make a successful transaction. It’s don’t leak your DNS...
  10. Anonymous

    Top 10 Hacking Tools of 2020 Used By Ethical Hackers

    Given below is a list of the most popular Hacking Software that is available in the market. Comparison Of Best Hacking Tools Tool Name Platform Best For Type Kiuwan Windows, Unix/Linux and MacOs Code Security and Code Analysis. Application Security Nmap Mac OS, Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris...
  11. Anonymous

    Top Ten Ethical Hacking Tools of 2020

    Ethical Hacking Tools Hacking, which was once considered the exclusive domain of the “experts” has become a very common phenomenon with the rise of technology and advancements in the field of technology. Hacking can be used for harmful purposes as well as for finding flaws/vulnerabilities in a...
  12. Anonymous

    Zeus/Citadel Sell/Passwords Search Your Links in my Botnet Logs 2020

    Country MIX USA/CA/AU/DE/FR/Europe/Etc!!! Total Size 45.748 Gigabits/Megabits Examples/Demos Results: Bots action: CMPC101_1F3D59E96522DF69 US, [+] View report (HTTPS request, 115 bytes) Bot ID: CMPC101_1F3D59E96522DF69 Botnet: -- default -- Version:
  13. Anonymous

    Vulnerability Scaners for sale

    What we have for you 1. We send u a demo of the program at the day you order it to proof it 2. We just accept BitCoin, and we'll send u our BitCoin Wallet ID in the future 3. We support u by giving u the new releases of the program at the day it releases 4. We may have something more, like...
  14. Anonymous

    How To Spread Your Viruses to everyone successfully

    In this tutorial I will show you how to spread your trojans/viruses etc. I will show you many methods, and later you choose which one you are going to use. What Is Spreading? Spreading is the way of your trojans/programs/viruses circulates around the Internet. The point of spreading is to put...
  15. Anonymous

    CyberGhost VPN Premium 6 Months for FREE GO GO GO

    CyberGhost VPN Premium 6 Months for FREE GO GO GO Put your E-mail Address and win FREE Premium Account for 6 months. Link: Code:
  16. Anonymous

    BlackNET v1.0.0 Advanced MultiOS BotNET + Secure PHP Panel + Tutorial

    BlackNET v1.0.0 Advanced MultiOS BotNET + Secure PHP Panel + Tutorial BlackNET Advanced MultiOS with a Secure PHP Interface Botnet with VB.NET and Python based Stub and VB.NET Builder About BlackNET BlackNET is an advanced botnet with PHP Panel and VB.NET or Python Output for MultiOS Hacking...
  17. Anonymous

    vSkimmer - The #1 skimmer worm

    I am selling vSkimmer software The price is in crypto For more info DM me Start earning money today and forget about your lousy 9 to 5 job
  18. Anonymous

    Clone chip cards Banking Software

    Hello, i saw many of you are looking for a software that can write bank cards, so i found this software , i have not tested and i am not giving or offering this for intentions of illegal actions. Use it at your own risk .
  19. Anonymous

    Coimama 2020 Pishing Page(Scam Page)

    -FUD -Mobile/Desktop Version Support Auto Detect Mobile/Desktop & Changes to Modes
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